I am enthusiastic software professional holding B.E. Computer Science and Engineering degree and working as software engineer for 7+ year . I have been involved and learning thoroughly in SDLC. Currently I am a part of Performance tuning team, which is responsible for the performance tuning and refactoring of existing Batch programs in Life Insurance domain. My present work expertise with skills like Java/J2ee, Servlet, JSP, JDBC3.0, struts1.1, JSF1.1, Hibernate, Weblogic10.3.3, IBM DB2 9.7, AJAX, Xml, Xsd, Xsl, Xslt, JavaScript, Html, Xhtml, CSS2.0, Apache Tomcat & Profiling/Monitoring tools.

Technology: JAVA /J2EE

Methodologies: OOPs, SDLC, SSO, Batch Processing

Framework: MVC, Struts1.1, JSF2.0, Hibernate, URAL (Batch framework), Opencms7.0.5,

Programming Language: C/C++, Java6 (sdk6), C#, PL/SQL

Scripting Language: XML, XSL, XSLT, XSD, Html, Xhtml, JavaScript, AJAX & CSS2.0.

Web-Technologies: JSP, Servlet & Jdbc

Message-oriented middleware: JMS

Database: MS-SQL Server 2005, Oracle 9i, IBM DB2 9.7, MySQL-6.X, LDAP & FireBird-2.1.1

Application/Web Server: Apache Tomcat & Weblogic 10.3.3

Access Control: realm

Profiler: Mission Control, Your Kit, perfmon & DB2MON

Build Tool: ANT & Maven

Source Control Systems: VSS-3.3, Star Team & AccuRev

IDE: Eclipse –Lobonz-6.0.4, Europa, Helios-3.6

Thank You
Ashutosh Kumar


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