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Answer Please

27 Jan

Does Process oriented (Procedural) program is much faster than OOps program?

Please give your comments with why?


Java Tuning Tips

27 Jan

Hello friend,

I am too excited to writing this blog in behalf of java programming improvement. I hope to see all java coding should be more efficient, robust and performance oriented. I mooted some tips how we make our code more efficient.

1. Use turnary operator “?” whenever possible.

2. Minimize the use of Casting in your code. Casting is too overhead on JVM.

3. Use Short Circuit Boolean operator

4. Do not rely on finalize method it may cause your resource may not free at expected time.

5. Make your method final, if it will not going to override. It gives you early binding in your generated byte code.

6. Minimize to declare Static variables / constant in a class, that variables not include in gc. Its memory allocation not re-available until the class is unloaded.

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Thank You